Hiring For Fiesta!!! Yaaaaay!

Our annual Fiesta events are in the works everyone. The Saint Anthony hotel has put their order in for a large number of staff. The positions include; bartenders, servers, housemen, utility workers, and bar backs. The event will be held next Saturday, April 20th at the St. Anthony Hotel downtown just across from Travis park. The King Antonio Ball (Fiesta King) is Fiesta's most prestigious event. A new King will be crowned. This event is RED CARPET, media, blocked off streets, you name it. And we are honored to be the one of the hotels preferred Staffing agencies to provide staff for this event every year since we opened our business. The St. Anthony Hotel's King Antonio Ball is an awesome event. We have big time fun. I will post some pictures from our last 4 years of working this event so you can see how much fun it's going to be. King Antonio's Ball is a very prestigious red carpet event VIP affair.  Contact us for details:


(210) 617-0304



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